Frequently asked Questions

Q: Do you charge an hourly rate or fixed monthly fee for your services?

A. We have different rates for different services and prefer to provide customized pricing directly to our clients. This ensures it accurately reflects the specific services and solutions required. We believe this approach allows us to offer the most value and tailor our offerings to individual needs.

Q: Should I have my bookkeeping completed every month?

A: Not necessarily – monthly, quarterly, or annually.  However, you enjoy the maximum benefits when your records are updated regularly.  Many of our clients prefer receiving updated information each month and we highly recommend it to you.

Q: I have an accountant already. Can I still use your service?

A: Absolutely.  You can use our bookkeeping service. We will provide all necessary records and reports to your accountant.  We are happy to answer any questions and assist your accountant to maximize the value of both our services and your accountant’s services.

Q: I would like to do some bookkeeping tasks myself. Can I still use your service?

A: Yes, no problem.  For example, some of our clients invoice their customers themselves.  We will do whatever tasks are left. We can discuss with you an ideal solution to streamline the work.

Q: What if the government request additional information?

A: The CRA conducts random reviews to confirm that income amounts, deductions, and credits are reported correctly and can be properly supported. It's important to note that you are not alone in this process. As your representative, you can engage us to respond on your behalf.

Q: Do you return my documents?

A: Yes, we return your original records once the bookkeeping records have been updated.

Q: I have not had a bookkeeper before and all of my documents have piled up. Can you still help?

A: We will organize and summarize all of your receipts, invoices, bank statements, credit card statements, and anything else you might have that has piled up.  No pre-sorting or organizing necessary!