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Our team of tax experts at Numberra CPA take the worry and burden of tax preparation away, with a filing process that’s quick and painless. 

We’re up to date on all recent tax changes – which is especially important for those who work from home, are self employed, own a business, are recently retired, moved abroad, or work on commission.

Why work with Numberra for your tax return?

Our team is fully local, with over 25 years history in Greater Victoria. 

We’re here to support you not just at tax time but throughout the year.

Numberra’s experts have years of experience at their fingertips, ready to apply their knowledge to your unique situation. Our training goes beyond simple software applications. We know the Canadian tax system inside and out and can help you solve any challenge.

How much does it cost?

You’ll notice we don’t post our pricing on our website, though we can say our rates are competitive and often match the national brands who do post theirs. Our choice not to post price is deliberate. We know every person’s situation is unique and we want you to know exactly how much you’ll pay. The big brands often entice you in with a low price only to potentially leave you with a bigger bill than you expected.

To reflect your tax filing needs most accurately, we ask a few questions first, and then give you an estimate of our services so you’re fully informed before you move forward. We’ll also work with you to get refunds owed as quickly as possible.

We’re happy to answer any questions via phone or email and we’re not interested in selling you anything you don’t want. We’re simply here to help, so feel free to get in touch.

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Our Personal Tax Support includes:

  • T1 – Personal Tax ReturnsT3 –
  • T3 –Estate and Trust Returns and Reporting
  • Self-employed, Proprietorship, and Partnership business statements
  • Real-estate rental financial statements
  • Employment Expenses
  • Capital Gains and Losses
  • Previous year’s tax return ‘catch up’
  • CRA Inquiry, Audit, and Reassessment Support

Our Business Tax Support includes:

  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Federal and Provincial Sales Tax (GST, PST and HST)
  • Employer Health Tax
  • T4 – Payroll Summary /Supplementary
  • T4A – Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income
  • T5 – Interest and Dividend Summary /Supplementary
  • T5018 – Statement of Contract Payments
  • CRA Inquiry, Audit, and Reassessment Support

We can provide you with year-around tax support with the following services:

We truly enjoy working with each of our clients, whether they are a once-a-year personal tax client or an ongoing bookkeeping client. Your business is important to us. We are in for the long haul, working for your success.

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